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Frequently UNasked Questions

Are your emails on a timer?

Yes.  Microsoft Outlook allows the option to send an email at a scheduled time.  Carl's Quote of the Day used to be sent at 12:01 AM Mountain Standard time.  Update 1/8/04: But starting in November 2003, they went back to 12:01 AM Eastern Time because my life is on Eastern Time even when I'm in Arizona.  (The result of working for a Massachusetts company.)  Update 2/1/05: Back on Arizona's Mountain Standard Time as the commute to Massachusetts comes to an end.


Mountain Standard time? All year?

Yes, Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings time - we have enough daylight all the time!


How far ahead do you prepare the emails?

Well, as Bob Dole replied to the boxers or briefs question... depends.  When I have time and a littered desktop, I "stock" up.  Today there are 38 queued up awaiting the timer to click.  At the other extreme, I once did a week's worth one day at a time.  Usually I'm just one week ahead.


Littered Desktop?

Right.  Until I use them, quotes I find and save are on virtual post-it notes on my desktop.  That way I can color code them and move them around.  I color code by themes.  There are 25 quotes on my desktop now, waiting to be joined by enough similar quotes to make a full week of one theme.  (When I get desperate, I have an "eclectic" week so I can use unrelated quotes.)  Several hours ago there were 60 quotes, but 35 are now in the email queue.  Update 1/8/04: I have such a good accumulation that my desktop is now buried under several layers.


Don't you have anything better to do?

Apparently not.  I was actually hoping for full time employment instead of this hobby.  I have often been told that the way to find a job is by networking; you know, your friends and relatives put you in touch with someone who knows someone who knows someone who might have a job.  My resume is at  Ok, I do have some projects that I'm working on, but you can definitely send information on full time positions my way... or, at least more projects.  Update 1/8/04: Since October 1, 2003 I've been working for Perseus Development Corporation ( as VP of International Operations.  Update 2/1/05: Back to the world of industrial automation for me in the Profibus Trade Organization.  (PROFIBUS is an industrial communication protocol.)


Will you eventually add more questions and answers?



Carl's Quote of the Day is a weekday email of quotes that are inspiring, managerial, leadership-related, or that Carl just likes.  Each week has a theme, albeit sometimes tenuous.  Weeks are separated by +++.  Start at the bottom and read up to read in chronological, theme order.  For other quotes use the "Q" links at the top.

Want to know more about how and why Carl created and continues Carl's Quote of the Day?  I didn't think so, since no one has asked.  So do not read the FUNQ page (that's Frequently UNasked Questions).

As an additional service to get you quickly to the books that some of these quotes are from, Carl's Quote of the Day is an associate of  Please use the link above when you buy from Amazon since that helps support Carl's Quote of the Day.  (Well, actually, that supports Carl's expensive reading habit.  Same thing, really.)

We are also affiliated with Christian Book Distributors.  If you are looking for a Christian book, please start here.

Since I'm a geeky guy, many ask me about Bible software.  I have 5 free CDs from   (Shipping is $7.95)

Finding a good, inexpensive web host is not easy. I use GoDaddy.



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